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Let's tell your story and establish your voice throughout your brand.   Gaining forward momentum in your business requires help, We can become your partner in Social strategy, brand development and growth, talent/influencer relations and more.. We collaborate to create milestones that align with your branding.

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Fail to plan and plan to fail. Let's build your trajectory through the following:

- Print and Digital PR Placements
- Speaking Engagements
- Product Placement
- Image Control
- Consulting on Brand Strategy
- Creating Brand Narratives

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Do you need a small event planned? Or maybe you want something cute for a small crowd. Or even if hybrid is your style, we got you. We do corporate events of 100 people or less and work with our fabulous planners to produce events over 100 people. We definitely know how to get the party started. (thank God there was no social media when we were 20 ;))

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meet katrina

- Worksheets to help kids improve their spelling (Organization and Mentorship)
- The latest trends in fashion by way of household items, her mom's closet, and repurposed fabric (Advertising + Marketing)
- Choreography to stage performances that were as thoughtful as Beyonce at Coachella (Fun + Passion)
She learned early that things that give you "life" fuel your creativity...the most authentic way to build your brand...

As a little girl, Katrina was always trying to find a way to create something. If there wasn’t a solution, she would create a solution. Her foundation has made her a "doer" by nature. (INFJ) This continues to be showcased throughout her pre-college journey. Here are some examples of how she's manifested entrepreneurial style solutions:
 - Go Karts to get around the neighborhood faster (Product Development)
- Cookies to sell to Flea Market Vendors (Sales and Distribution)

marketing & PR strategist based in l.A.

Hey, I'm Katrina!

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If you have all the tools and need someone to help you execute the tasks or if you just need to brainstorm on how to pivot your business to reflect your long term vision, let's figure it out.

We goal hard. Let's collaborate!


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"Talented,Brilliant, Dedicated...I don't think there are enough positive adjectives to describe Katrina's drive and amazing attitude."