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My business started unexpectedly to say the least...

From silicon valley to social media freelancing

Right after college, I started my first business SmartAlek Tutoring. With SmartAlek, I was able to mentor and tutor kids who had similar stories to my own making it an easy transition into entrepreneurship. I filed my 501c3, created a Marketing plan, wrote my 2nd business plan, and promoted the heck out of my company. I also continued my education, received a 2nd Bachelor's degree, and continued to work in creative industries on the Business side.

Fast forward to 2012, I was working for a fashion media company and was fired (story for virtual happy hour). It was the greatest blessing I've had to date as it pushed me to start my company, Chica Intelligente.  What started as Marketing and PR began to shift into Digital Advertising, Immersive Events & Social Media. My expertise in the Paid Ad, Experiential, Social Campaign, and Strategic Planning segments began to grow exponentially while working in a variety of industries, Having a well-rounded portfolio has allowed me to quickly assess my client’s needs and help them reach their goals.

As a little girl, I was always trying to find a way to create something. What I mean is, if there wasn’t a solution, I would create a solution. Here are some that stood the test of time as I slid through elementary, middle school, and high school:

Go Karts to get around the neighborhood faster (Product Development)
Cookies to sell to Flea Market Vendors (Sales)
Worksheets to help kids improve their spelling (Organization)
The latest trends in fashion using whatever I had available in my house to make it work (Marketing)
Choreography to stage a performance that I felt was at the same level as Janet Jackson’s Pleasure Principle
These things gave me life! At the time I thought--I just want to figure out how to keep doing these things because they fuel my creativity. So I kept going--taking dance in college, selling products in college, and walking runways in my free time for local hair and fashion shows.

Being a total foodie, BUT maintaining an excellent workout routine.

MENTORING women and girls since I was 17.

Being an avid 3x LSAT test taker, ...but never going to law school!

Offering excellent ADVICE to colleagues and friends!

What I’m known for:

— katrina l. jefferson

"You can lead with fear or you can lead with faith. Only one of them is gonna help you achieve your dreams."

words i live by


Working with a portfolio of dedicated female entrepreneurs, progressive brands, and kick-ass non profit organizations.


Chica Intelligente was born, kicking off the year with Keurig and Red Bull Media House.


Began my work in events coaching event planners.


The year I started a family with the love of my life.


Created Smartalek Tutoring, my first non-profit helping Title 1 schools.


I was introduced to Silicon Valley and started my career in tech!


Became the first in the family to receive 2 college degrees.


Started my first business selling electronics and baked goods (a random mix I know).

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I'M (secretly) loving time with my husband and 2 boys







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I have the best intuition. My friend's always say my advice and counseling is 100% on point, positive, and accurate!


I love to unwind with a good dessert, some wine and a good movie or series with my husband when the kids hit the sack!  


I am obsessed with fashion trends. I love following and predicting fashion trends and have been having fun doing it since I was 13. 


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