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Art + Tech: Making Your Home Your Art


November 1, 2021

Creating new and vibrant worlds by combining art and technology is certainly not new. However, with the exciting new technological developments of the past 10 years, has been growing at a rapid pace. We’ve seen it in widely popular forms such as Pixar movies that proves cartoons will never return to how previous generations have known them. Then there’s the smaller scale like moving art for our homes. 

The collision of art and tech is infiltrating so many areas of our lives that we might not notice all the creative ways we can experience it. We can allow hanging art to be animated, take up digital drawing, learn how to use 3-D pens and so many other ways to tap into our creative selves.

Then there’s art generated through artificial intelligence (AI) that has critics debating whether it can be considered art at all. Regardless of opinions, the technology for techie artistic expression is growing at every turn and popping up in so many creative ways. This article about 41 Creative Tools to Generate AI Art, undoubtedly proves that the concept is more than a notion.

There’s also framed moving art, furniture that has technical aspects that makes life simpler and keeps us moving into a world where various views of beauty and thought are brought into our homes and communities. If you haven’t heard of the highly regarded, traveling virtual Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience art show, it’s giving Atlanta and Los Angeles art lovers a live  immersive experience that lets them “step into” the artist’s masterpieces. It’s almost like stepping into the mind of the artist. Seeing up close and personal, the process of how his masterpieces were created.

In this new normal of our lives that has many of us social distancing and sheltering in place, having the flexibility to add moving art in our homes allows us to break the monotony of life and create new realities. You can try new artistic ways of expression through technology that can be displayed in the beauty of your own home. 

If you want to try out some pretty cool tools and tap into your inner artist from the comfort of your home, be inspired here and here and then learn how to create your own virtual art show. 

Life is meant to be beautiful. Be your own curator!


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