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Chica Intelligente: Re-introduction

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June 30, 2021

Chica Intelligente - Re-Introduction

Hi Friends! It is with great excitement that I write this blog post after a long hiatus. While the past year has been nothing short of hectic, I am glad to finally take a breath and re-introduce our brand. 

What’s new over here you ask? Well, Chica Intelligente has been busy! Between meetings, zoom calls, and the occasional coffee break, we have been working diligently with our clients on new and exciting business strategies, digital marketing, PR, and tech initiatives! Leading these strategies has been extremely rewarding and we cannot wait to share some of our updates and tips with you.  While we are excited to move forward and share these insights, we wanted to share some important takeaways that we had over the past year. While we are starting to get a sense of normalcy once again, we think it is important to reflect on the past year and how we can use these lessons to move forward. 

Lesson 1: It’s ok to not know everything

During this pandemic, we all were adjusting to “the new normal”. This came with uncertainty and apprehensiveness. We were not only adjusting in our professional lives, but personal as well, and trying to juggle our many responsibilities under this circumstance was, hard. Meeting the expectations of clients when we were faced with so much uncertainty was difficult, and at times, neither of us had the answer. But, I learned that not having the answer is not necessarily a bad thing. Learning to embrace change and taking challenges as they come, is sometimes necessary. It allows us to step out of our comfort zone and it allows an opportunity to think outside of the box for resolutions. 

Lesson 2: Communication is still key! 

As many of us faced this uncertainty and change, we were met with challenges that we couldn’t always put into words. How does one explain that although we were home most of the time, we were exhausted from being in overdrive in all aspects of our lives? Being transparent and communicating this, even when I did not have the exact words was imperative. Communication is the foundation to a strong relationship, not just personally, but professionally. It also helps get across important boundaries to live a balanced lifestyle.

Lesson 3: Change can be exciting! 

After months of socially distancing and limited interactions, returning to normal and the change of pace in my everyday routine is exciting! The things I took for granted before, like sitting down in a restaurant for coffee, or attending a friend’s gathering, are now things that I cherish and look forward to. While it may seem overwhelming to have experienced so much change within the past year, the silver lining still exists and it is ok to embrace the small wins and bask in them.

I look forward to sharing our updates, tips, and takes as the year progresses. Be sure to follow us on social media @chicaintelligente and join the conversation.


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