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In I bring 15+ years of a diverse set of skills to the Marketing and PR industry, with Beauty, Fitness, Fashion, Tech, Non-Profit, and Multicultural specialties. We're fair and reasonably priced based on this and our deliverables. 

is pricing negotiable?

Let's set up a call, connect for 30 minutes to understand your PR & Social goals, where you are today, your timeline, and your audience and we can scope a strategy from there. 

FOR CORPORATE BRANDS: what is the process? 

Southern California

Where are you based?

Social Distanced In-Person events, Virtual Events (100 people or less), Experiential events, Small to Mid size corporate events, Virtual / In Person Conferences (up to 500 people), "Live" Event Hosting

What types of events do you help with?

Definitely! But you'll be back ;)

Do you service one time consultations?

Small Business Owners
Fitness/ Wellness
We've also worked with Fashion, Legal, HVAC, Construction, and Home Goods.

what industries do you work with?

Yes!! We love helping you pivot!!

do you work with clients who want to pivot their business?

It's helpful to have the following things ready before we connect: 1. an updated website 2. three goals (PR, Marketing, or Financial) 3. an updated social platform (at least one)

what do you need to get started?

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