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I know…we can’t believe it either…

Strategic Planning

January 16, 2020

Yep. (Not a) Shocker as to what happens next. You win and you WILL win throughout the year if I have anything to do with it. You will not be “tied” with what you did last year, come Q4.

We get all excited about the new year, start off kicking off the goals we want to see through, connect with folks, create partnerships….but then something happens. We start to feel that sun, get outside more, and baby….it becomes a glow fest instead of a grow fest.

Let’s be clear–we all need a break. It’s mandatory. I’m definitely not suggesting to work so hard you are stressed out and angry. Hopefully, you are eating right, exercising, and taking moments to yourself to prevent any anxiety. I’m simply recommending these 3 simple things you can do to just keep the momentum alive as you hit the better weather months. Let’s get you on your way:

  1. Create a schedule a month out.  This is sooooooo cliche’ and seems easy enough right? The hard part is sticking to it. Create a reminder in your phone and schedule it into your schedule for the same time every month, to create the following month’s schedule. This way you don’t get overwhelmed with the full year, but are planned at least 30 days out. If things come up within that time that needs to be calendared for future months, even better! You will also feel better once it’s done, which leads to better productivity.
  2. Work IN your business. Do you need a refresh? Are your posts getting stale? How does your pitch look? Taking a break from the actual client work to look and review where you are as a company is important. At a minimum, you should be doing this every 3 months, but if you can swing it monthly, it helps to get one thing (IE revamp your pitch) done because you are still being productive and benefitting your brand in the long run.
  3. Tackle one personal goal on your 2020 list. Again, the point isn’t to get you off focus by planning a trip to Hawaii, but it is refreshing to know you’re working towards a week of a well-deserved vacation! There’s something about knowing you’re taking a trip that (hopefully) gets you back on your game!
I hope these things help you! Give me feedback in the comments and follow @chicaintelligente on Instagram for more of our journey to success.

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