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Content Strategy and Planning
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Virtual Events
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Social Media Advertising Campaigns
Speaking Engagements
Brand Strategy
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strategic planning

Here you are. You've got all the tools and just don't know where to go with it. You are an industry professional working for a great brand, a content creator, or entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur you've bootstrapped your way through your endeavors and slowly pushed through to your blogging or social goals. If you're a brand executive, you've got staff for all of your marketing channels except PR and Influencer Marketing and you just need it to get done without a hassle. In any case, you want an organized leader to get you to the next stage of your Social Marketing and PR game and you're ready to have a skilled team plan and do the work or help you strategize to get to the next level. It's happening because you're here and you're ready to move forward to make s*&^  happen.

then lets get to work.

Are you aching for your shining moment,a podcast drop, or that fun influencer campaign? 

advice from someone who has worked with a range of clients and a vast array of industries?

do you want...

sick and tired of looking basic in your industry but don't know how to stand out from the pack?

are you...

that you are overwhelmed with how to post and what to say on social media?

do you find...

who is this for?

— S.Lee

"She’s smart, savvy and a true professional. If you have the chance to work with her, you’ll be glad you did!"

step three

Pitching, posting, writing, editing, drafting content, creating story all happens at step 3. The work has started and it's time to just do what we need to do to make an impact. If something isn't working, we let you know and pivot accordingly. We offer options to help and consult through situations that arise to align with your business goals. 

For it

step two

Once you decide on a package that works for you we send you a detailed plan on how we will collaborate to achieve it. Minimum contracts are
3 months.

At this stage, we spell out deliverables, provide organizational tools, strategy, planning documents, templates and more. We start the work after we agree on the strategy and modify as needed.

plan it

step one

I need to get to know you...even if you think I know you. It's important to build a relationship on a good foundation, so we start with an intake form. You complete it, we set up a 15 minute call, and then within 24 hours, you're sent a plan of action, describing what we think would be great options to help you move forward with your social marketing, interactive event, or pr goals, describing each in moderate detail. 

intake Process

How it works:

cups of water per day


industries i've
worked in




number of happy clients


i'm ready for this.

A clear path on where you need to go next in order to reach your end goal!

you'll leave with:

We offer consistent coaching, social media strategy, social media marketing, pr or pr strategy packages! Learn more.

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One strategy session 

Documented outline of the planned strategy

A tangible calendar --something mapping your next steps

One coaching call.


intelligente strategy session

— K. Echevarria Rosen Kitchens

"Smart, savvy and overflowing with talent, Katrina is definitely someone that you want on your team..."

—  M. Lowell

"Katrina made me raise my game and face my challenges head on. The confidence boost helped me in more ways than one!"

— D. Eldridge

"Her passion for marketing strategies and content creation are undeniable. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with given her authentic talent for social business engagement.."


5 stars all around

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