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 Tips to help you win the game of business

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It’s becoming a trend to talk about Gen Z and its impact on society. Looking at all the stats, we understand what all the chatter is about. Did you know that Gen Zer’s, people ages 7 to 22, have spending power of $143 Billion dollars this year? Smart brands do. Although Gen Z requires social […]

Big Picture Strategy

4 Ways Brands Can Reach GenZ Through Gaming

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We’re back after a long break! Learn about what we’ve been up to and some of the takeaways I had when reflecting on 2020

Chica Intelligente - Re-Introduction

Organizational Planning

Chica Intelligente: Re-introduction

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Yep. (Not a) Shocker as to what happens next. You win and you WILL win throughout the year if I have anything to do with it. You will not be “tied” with what you did last year, come Q4. We get all excited about the new year, start off kicking off the goals we want […]


Strategic Planning

I know…we can’t believe it either…

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